Five Black-Owned Candle Brands We Love

Supporting black-owned businesses is incredibly important, and we're proud to be able to highlight some of our favorite black-owned candle brands! From hand-poured soy wax candles to luxurious scented candles and beyond, these amazing companies each have something unique to offer. We wanted to focus on the black-owned candle brands that don't always make the same lists, so here they are:


Fave To Sniff: Wash Day Candle
Cavo Wash Day Candle

2. La Botica

Fave To Sniff: Ceremony
La Botica Ceremony Candle

3. Cadence

Fave To Sniff: Better Days
Cadence Better Days Candle

4. Sensual Candle Co.

Fave To Sniff: Shai
Sensual Candle Co Shai Candle

5. Freelance Candles

Fave To Sniff: Paid Invoice
Freelance Candles - Paid Invoice Candle
(Of course we had to mention that we're one of our own favorites)
We hope you enjoy this list and discover a new fave or two! There are so many other amazing black-owned candles out there, so we may do another list soon!
You Deserve,


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