The Candle for Insomnia

It’s no coincidence that our Good Night Candle is the perfect vibe to light as you complete your nighttime routine and prep for slumber. We formulated this candle for insomnia that so many freelance creatives deal with. With the help of aromachology, science and essential oils, we’re saying goodbye to the stress and anxiety of the workday and winding down for some much-needed rest.


So, what’s inside?

Well, some of the best candle fragrances to help you sleep, of course. Let’s chat a little bit more about these and what makes them magical.



Bergamot is a citrus fruit with an aroma that, unlike others that tend to be energizing, has a calming effect. It promotes relaxation and can help to soothe nerves — making it a perfect ingredient in a candle for insomnia. Studies have shown that it can slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, which can be quite useful when preparing your body for sleep.


Roman chamomile is a soothing herbal remedy that is known for its relaxing effects and sleep-enhancing properties. It contains apigenin, which studies show may reduce insomnia and promote better quality sleep.



This essential oil, native to Asian and South Pacific rainforests, is known for its mild sedative effects — which are enhanced by bergamot. It has antidepressant qualities, making it a go-to for reducing negative feelings like anger and stress while improving your overall mood.



No more popping up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. Another winner for quality, Jasmine is shown to help promote a longer-lasting sleep. Did you know that Jasmine is a flower that only blooms at night?

A few bedtime candle safety tips:

  • Trim the wicks before lighting. This allows for a nice, even burn that will melt the wax and release the magic without a big dancing flame.
  • Lighting your candle an hour or two before bed as you begin to wind down and start your night routine is just fine, but please always remember to snuff the candle out before you close your eyes. The aroma and effects will linger, so no worries.
  • Don’t burn your Good Night Candle for more than 3-4 hours at a time, as the tin could eventually become dangerously hot.


Sweet Dreams!

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